Easter Bunny and Easter Chick Cupcakes

We  had a lot of fun yesterday having our family over for dinner and egg hunting and making Easter Egg Cupcakes.

With these Easter Bunny Cupcakes, the ears are a large marshmallow cut on the diagonal and dipped in colored sugars.  
My youngest granddaughter decorating her Easter cupcake. You GO GIRL! 

Easter Cupcakes using colored coconut and jelly beans. The chicky beak is made from a fruit roll up. 
Cute little Bunny and Chick cupcakes. We also made little “nests” using coconut and jelly beans. 

I had 5 of my 6 grandkiddos there for Pin the tail on the bunny, and some bubble blowing too.

We just had them close their eyes and they were pretty good about keeping them closed while they tried to find the bunny’s behind.

Here we are adding the “tails” to the Pin the tail on the bunny. Megan was the winner! Yay.  I found a freebie HERE at partydelights.

I loved watching the daddies help their youngest kiddos hunt for the eggs. It made me tear up a little. sniff…

My oldest son and his youngest daughter. It is neat to see him being a daddy. 

And my son in law is also a great dad. Here he is with his youngest and my only grandson. 

 And I got a GREAT picture of all my grandkiddos after collecting all the eggs.

 Here are my two youngest grandkids hunting together. Aren’t they sweet?

“Hey I think I’ve got more than you do. You better get busy dude!” 

And I loved seeing the kids hunting for eggs, playing games, creating and loving it. We are all artists. The kids love to be artistic and create beautiful things. It gives them a sense of pride to create, no matter how old they are.

Coloring eggs is a yearly tradition in our family. We have always done it. And it is now the next generation carrying on the tradition for the 3rd generation. Traditions are great things to develop in your family. 

These were my oldest granddaughter’s eggs. 

And her sister’s eggs too. 

I was feeling my creativity too on Easter Sunday.  I made this cool veggie and dip platter shaped like a spring scene.

 Hope you all had a fun Easter! We have one more day of Spring Break! Enjoy the day!

I know I will. I think I’ll go eat a cupcake now. 😀 

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