Hello Kitty Math Center from Target Dollar Deals

Wow! What a fun TARGET find! I love that dollar area at Target!  I scored a……

I LOVED these self-checking cat flashcards that were FREE! Check them out HERE at Printable Kindergarten.  They will be perfect for my Hello Kitty Math Center below. 

I got some CUTE little Hello Kitty Cat writing boards and some pink and black Halloween CAT erasers for $1.00 each at the Target $1.00 aisle. Aren’t they cute? This printable with the self-checking cat flashcards will be perfect for this to use as a math center! 

Target Hello Kitty Math Center I found in the Dollar section.

 I have these 3 Hello Kitty math things at the math center. The marker also has this cute  whiteboard and it has its own eraser!! Woot! I got each of these Hello Kitty things for a buck! And the cute erasers are black cats with pink so even though they are just Halloween cats they match the Hello Kitty stuff…..kind of…..:D
The pad of cute pad of paper is just for me. lol.

Target is my new Favorite Place for finding math counters. These erasers are so COOL! 

 I got these cool little buckets 2 for $1.00 too. They work great to fill with the cats and to clean up the center and put everything inside. I found lots of witch and skeleton and black cat activities online too. Check out a Witch math facts coloring page, HERE at the Home Teacher. 

 This makes a really great math center for this week. Thanks Target! And I know the kids will LOVE the innovation on the “Happy and You Know It” song. 
How many of your students know the song “If You’re Happy and You Know It?” Here is a cute play on words using Halloween words instead. Super CUTE!
If you’re a black cat and you know it say Me-ow (sing twice
If’ you’re a black cat and you know it and you really want to show it, 
If you’re a black cat and you know it say meow! 

If you’re a skeleton and you know it wiggle your bones (shake body)
If you’re a monster and you know it say “I’ll Get Ya!” 
If you’re a witch and you know it say “hee hee”! 
If you’re a ghost and you know it just say BOO. (sing twice)
Kids LOVE singing this song! 
Happy Fall Ya’ll! 

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