Halloween Pumpkins and Bat Art

I was thinking of some fun art projects I have done in the past. Here are a few of them.

Cute little Striped Jack o Lantern Art Project. Just glue orange stripes onto black paper. Cut it in half. Use one half to cut out a pumpkin turned the other way. Some will be horizaontally striped, others vertically striped. It makes a pretty cool bulletin board. 

Here’s our weekly graph chart…we graphed our favorite Halloween candy!

We always do a Weekly Graph on Which Is Your Favorite Candy? Since everybody is heavy into the excitement of getting FREE HALLOWEEN CANDY! That used to be my favorite part of Halloween! 

This was a really striking Halloween bulletin board…we got lots of compliments on it!

This cute bat is made from 2 handprints. The kids can trace and cut them out, then I just cut out the head and fangs and they glue them down with a pom pom nose and wiggly eyes. It is an easy project. It is fun to add a BAT acrostic poem. 

Mrs. Moss trying to be Cher…..or just a hippie!
This is a fun skeletons project to do in pairs….boy that’s a lot of bones!
Here are some Halloween MAD LIBS on cute Pumpkin paper, but you could also do a Pumpkin Acrostic. For Art here are some cool graphic pumpkins!
This was a Martha Stewart white spider web, and pumpkins made of swirled circles of orange. I had the kids add a picket fence the pumpkins were sitting on and a black pom pom spider. It was a lot of work. I wouldn’t do it again, but it was cute. 

Well, Here is something else really cute!
Minnie Mouse and Dorothy from Wizard of OZ.

They have grown up a bit since this picture, but they are still cute as bugs….(or mice). 

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