Bar Graphs and Ordered Pairs Graphing Fun

We are doing graphing in math this week and have done some very creative surveys, bar graphs, pictographs and now some ordered pairs grids.

Surveys and Bar Graphs in 2nd Grade 

Making a bar graph after doing a class survey is fun! 

We started out by each of us coming up with a question to pose for our classmates to take a survey.
WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE __________.  We made a big brainstorm of about 25 different types of things; sports, soda pop, cartoons, colors, days of the week, animals, birthday place, dessert, etc. Then each of us put our name next to one of them so we didn’t have any duplicates.

Everybody chose their own “What is your Favorite…..” to survey the class on. Then they used graph paper to make their totals after tallying up all the surveys. 

They had to also add up their total people surveyed…. They did a great job. 

Then they wrote out 5 different choices on a piece of paper. Then I gave them 5 minutes to go around and try to get more than 20 different people to put a tally mark on their choice. We stopped the timer and I have them each a piece of centimeter graph paper and showed them how to do bar graphs. They tallied their tally marks into numbers and then made the numbers into colorful 5 bar graphs and listed numbers on the side and what they surveyed across the bottom with their question across the top.

All the bar graphs look very colorful and different. One year when I had exactly 20 students we also did a pie chart and it was easy to divide the pie into 20 pieces. They turned out very nice!

Here are some ordered pairs graph games I found on the internet for us to play too. Here is a basketball one from teacher’s notebook. And

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