President’s Day Art and Washington and Lincoln Biographies

I got a great idea from another bloggy teacher HERE on TPT.  If you click on PREVIEW there is a Biography stationery freebie.

I wanted the students to learn what biographies of famous people were so we read a few short ones on the life of Washington and Lincoln, since President’s Day holiday was last week.

Then we wrote our own opinion pieces about what we thought was great about each president of long ago. They learned lots of facts about each, and a few myths. Did you know Lincoln’s teeth were made from elephant tusk? Wow! Also, that Washington never did chop down a cherry tree….myths.

We made this Lincoln and added a black 4 x 8 piece of construction paper for his belly and wrote our spelling words in white crayon for a spelling activity. The kids made Lincoln’s face. It looks like this one is a Lincoln vampire face with a wandering eye. 😀 

Weekly Readers/Scholastic News I have saved over the years and we read together to get background knowledge. 
Here are our Lincoln art and our President’s Day opinion pieces. 

Here is a the  Washington art project we did using cotton balls for hair, wiggly eyes, white doilies for the ruffles at the neck and wrist, and we attached little flags to their hands. They turned out pretty cool.

Check out these written opinion pieces too. Great job 2nd graders!

 And the students learned a lot about how our country came to be.  We sure appreciate these American heroes.

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