Veterans Day Art and Activities for Kids

Next Monday is Veteran’s Day. I’m the daughter of a Veteran. I’m very proud of my dad. He was a Merchant Marine and in the Army for many years.  My father-in-law is also a Veteran. He was in the Air Force and flew many important missions.  So on Veteran’s Day we honor the men and women of the military.

Veterans Day Art – American Eagle Handprints 

Our awesome school also honors Veterans with a big assembly, where lots of Veterans come dressed in their cool uniforms. We sing, have patriotic marching music, a powerpoint of lots of pictures of the parents and grandparents in the military, lots of flags, and so we teach the kids what the day is for.

We did a mural of the 5 branches of the military and their seals. Some cute coloring pages we found HERE.

I believe it is important.  I like to have the kids learn about what the 5 branches of the military do for us. And that they work and sacrifice much to keep us safe from harm.

Veterans Day Writing Activities 
Some of the writing we did for Veterans Day. 

We start by reading this book by Jill Biden called Don’t Forget, God Bless Our Troops at the rug and have a short discussion about people in our family tree who have served in the military and what a sacrifice it sometimes is.

Jill Biden’s book on Veterans 

Then we watch the youtube (below) for some background knowledge. We brainstorm a big list of jobs Veterans  perform and some great adjectives to describe Veterans. Then we make a list of words that could start some cool sentences for an acrostic poem. Or else we just do an expository writing on Veteran’s Day.

The 5 Branches of the Military Art by Kids 

We found some cool stationary at TPT that was free and had an Eagle on the bottom. One was for an acrostic and the other was stationery that had just the right number of letters for VETERANS. We decided not to do a poem this year but wrote about Veterans instead. Check them out HERE and HERE for some great Veterans Day activities too. I used the KWL chart and the Describe a Veteran worksheet HERE. And HERE is a link to a cool wordsearch on Veterans.

Veterans Day Art and Writing Activities 

Then we did some fun hand print art to make American Eagles in small groups while the rest of us started our short essay on Veterans.  The goal was to give REASONS why Veterans are great! We used information that we learned from the books, Youtubes or the kids sharing in our discussions.
Check out last year’s activities we did for Veterans Day!

Veterans Day Writing and Art last year……

              Veterans Day Youtube we watched. There are 2 others on my last year’s post HERE.

Veterans Day Poem 
We made a Patriotic Mural and Bulletin Board for Veterans Day this week! 

My nephew Tyler posted this on Facebook when he was in the Army Boot Camp…..I loved it! 

I am the daughter of a U.S. Marine who served in 2 wars for 8 years and is buried in a military cemetary in Southern California. I think of him often and am proud of him for his military service. We honor all Veterans on this special U.S. annual holiday.

H Is for Honor: A Millitary Family Alphabet (Alphabet Books)
I got this book for $6.00 and free shipping on Amazon and it’s a HARDBACK!  Woo Hoo!  I read is called H is for HONOR. It gives kids an education on lots of different things in the military. 
We used Handprints to make an American Eagle (and added glitter of course!) 
Veterans Day Handprint Art and Writing by 2nd Graders 

We discuss how the military are stationed all around the world to protect us from terrorists and people who would harm our country. Boy are we thankful for our brave Veterans and all that they do!

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