Henry and Mudge and Camping Stories

Henry and Mudge and the Starry Night camping adventure stories.

Our 4th story in the Reading Streets Anthology is Henry and Mudge and the Starry Night by Cynthia Rylant. It is such a cute story about a boy and his dog that go camping with parents who are wacky and sweet.

Some kids wrote about river trips, others wrote about staying at cabins on a lake.

Camping stories were fun to read.

And the illustrations were very creative too! Camping is fun (at the Best Western). 😀

 It makes us all remember how fun camping can be sometimes…(not very often, but sometimes, okay, I’m not a camper, I admit it!). But I do like to roast marshmallows on a stick over a campfire. I just hate sleeping on the ground in a sleeping bag! grand

We make a big brainstorm on the whiteboard of all the places we’ve all gone camping and what kinds of things we do.

Lots of water adventures were written about; boating, river rafting, times at the lake.

 It was a fun activity to see kids getting excited remembering family reunions and camping trips they’d had.

They had 3 different kinds of stationery to choose from, but all of them had a camping out theme.

 There was lots of s’more eating going on. And lots of hiking too. Lots of the kids have camped at lakes in our beautiful Utah canyons. And they all get excited to write about their experiences!

Here are just some of the cute tents and illustrated writings on Camping with the family.

Goblin Valley camping sounded really fun. I’ll have to try that site.

Henry and Mudge and the Starry Night bulletin board

Kiboomu  has some cute printable camping scenes for kids to color and cut out to add to their “camping tents”. Another one with many coloring pages to choose from is HERE at 1plus1equals1. I used pages 12 and 13 only and just had kids find the items, then choose which ones they wanted to color and cut out for their tent picture.

 We shared our stories by picking a partner and going to find a place in the room for me to read to you and then you to read to me. It was a great partner reading activity.

Henry and Mudge like camping stories…..

A camping wordsearch can be found HERE at Puzzles.about.com.

A great Quia for Henry and Mudge activities to go along with the story can be found HERE.

The kids really enjoyed writing about camping experiences and making their fun and artsy tents.

And I enjoyed reading them all. Henry and Mudge were a great spring board for camping trip writings. Yup.

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