Columbus Day Activities

We just finished a unit on Exploration and since Columbus Day was coming up I decided to add some stories on the life of Columbus. We also read some Weekly Readers/Scholastic News on Columbus. Then we wrote little mini reports.

I hoard my Scholastic News and Weekly Readers if they are on topics I will always use. I have 4 or 5 now on Columbus.

I found some cute Columbus paper in one of my Scholastic Stationery books to use. Link HERE to check it out.
Happy Columbus Day!
I typed up the text of this book into a choral reading below.

 When our reports were done in a sloppy copy, I edited them and then the kids rewrote them on the nice stationery and colored in the pictures. For art later in the week we watercolored some background paper with sunsets and water. Then we cut out brown boats and used skewers on paper towel pieces for the sails.

Columbus Day Art and writing reports.

I think they turned out really pretty. And they made a pretty bulletin board.
Columbus reports

We brainstormed all the ideas we had read on the board first.

Then the students wrote their own reports.

We did a few worksheets like this crossword puzzle.
Columbus Day Art in watercolors. 

Our beautiful Columbusboats…..

We also did pop up books with the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria

Here was out pop up books. Inside was the 3 ships Columbus sailed with.

We read this poem as a choral reading….
More books we read….

The reports were nicely written too. Good job guys!

I used this as a comprehension quiz at the end of the week….
More cool Columbus reports…..
Happy Columbus Day ya’ll! Tell us what you think! 

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