Earth Day Activities

Today is Earth Day! We learned a lot about how we can keep the earth’s environment clean.

We painted coffee filters like earth for Earth Day 2013. 

We read books on how to keep our environment CLEAN and how to reduce trash and pollution. 

And we read about Michael Recycle, and the 3Rs (Reduce, reuse, recycle). 

Then we wrote things we can do to help. 

We can do lots to keep the earth clean. 

We’ve been working on planting veggies and herbs and flowers in pots. 

We also learned how to conserve water. We can turn off the faucet when we brush our teeth! 

We can walk instead of drive in the car……

We can pick up litter at the park or school grounds….

We can recycle cans, bottles, and old clothes and toys…..
Or we can reuse things like paper bags and boxes or make them into something new! 
Like these plant holders we decorated and made out of tin cans and scrap paper.
We planted vegetables of all kinds, and herbs and sunflowers too……
Everybody chose something different…..

And we’ll be able to see the roots growing from our Root Viewer…..

We are watching potato roots growing like crazy too!

Then we played a sorting game to decide what type of recycling each item needs to go with; paper, plastic, glass or metal……
Also, here is a Word Scramble on Plants  I found at ABC Teach. The kids loved it!
Then we made Earth Day bracelets. I got the “going green” beads from oriental trading. And  HERE  are some
foam peel and stick shapes for Earth Day. You could make bookmarks on foam 2 x 4 pieces.
  We had a great Earth Day 2013! 

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