Red Ribbon Week Activities

For red ribbon week we focus on Drug Awareness and Saying “NO” to drugs. Since Red Ribbon Week is always the end of October we also have Halloween art projects that sometimes can be linked up.

We then talk and discuss ways to say no when someday we are offered drugs, or a drink or cigarettes and how to creatively say no, maybe in a funny way.
ANTI DRUG SLOGANS from Mrs. Moss’ Classroom…..

Here are some funny slogans we have come up with;  “We won’t get caught in the WEB of drugs” with a spider web design and a cool, black spider. Or a haunted house picture with “Drugs will HAUNT you!” and the students decorate around the house with witches, pumpkins and ghosts. Here are some  funny rhymes  we could say when offered drugs that are kind of funny and cool; iTune out drugs,, don’t huff, don’t puff, stay away from that stuff  It’s no lie, drugs will make your mama cry, drugs druel, sports rule! 

WRITING:  We wrote all about avoiding smoking, drugs and alcohol.

A fun wordsearch on the side effects of alcohol can be found HERE at Too Smart to Start.  There are also many interactive online games HERE too. We drew pictures of ourselves as Winners!

 The students wrote about why it would be “A GRAVE ERROR” to take drugs or to smoke. Then we decorated the tombstones with Halloween ghouls, pumpkins, black cats and other fun stuff.

 We read some Weekly Readers on Drug Awareness and RED RIBBON WEEK, which is celebrated all around the United States.

My favorite 2 things our school has done in the past were;. To plant a red tulip in October and we all got to enjoy them in the spring when all 600 of them came up. The kids remembered Red Ribbon Week that year. 

 Another year we all painted red handprints on a giant piece of butcher paper and we glued them all together down one wall of the school. Each child later put their name on the hand. And another was using red cups in the chain link fence out front to spell out a drug free message for all the community to see. 

This year the PTA had the whole school wear different things all week just for fun. 
Monday: “Give Drugs the Slip”
Wear slippers to school! 
Tuesday: “Stomp Out Drugs”
Wear boots to school! 
Wednesday: “Shade Out Drugs”
Wear sunglasses to school! 
Thursday: “Sock It to Drugs”
Wear crazy socks to school! 
Friday: “Turn Your Back on Drugs”
Wear your shirt backwards! 

From  Lesson Plan SOS a great idea so kids can see how similar candy and over the counter drugs are. Skittles can be confused with lots of dangerous drugs in pill form.

I saw these candies in Pill Bottles from Williams Sonoma. They were pretty cute. But don’t get fooled! These are definitely for Halloween!

I got this song off a Red Ribbon Week Website and added a few different words to it. It’s from Dewey. DRUGS ARE SPOOKY RAP! Have kids snap or clap to the rythm of the song. Or sing it to the tune of the ABC Song.

Drugs are SPOOKY!
They”re not cool!
So Let’s Promise to be 

A drug-free school
They’re no treat, 

they’re a bad trick!
Drugs can make you awfully sick.
Because I think that you’re the most,
Hear our friendly Sunrise ghosts:
Say Boo to Drugs!
Say Boo to Drugs!
Say Boo to Drugs

Here is our finished writing and artwork for Red Ribbon Week.

 We watched a video from McGruff, the crime dog and then we wrote our own speech bubbles for what we would say if somebody offered us drugs, cigarettes or alcohol. Some are pretty funny.

MATH – Copy a 100s chart for each child and then follow these directions. Color in the red ribbon and then give place value instructions for them to color each one red. Example. 20 + 10 = what? Color that red. 50 – 10 + what? Color red. 45 plus 1 = what? Color red. 12 +10 = what? Color red. Adding 10 or taking away 2 or 10 or adding 20 is great place value practice for kids.  

We decided on all sorts of things we could spend our money on instead of yucky cigarettes and drugs. Including these cute Candy Corn Gummies and Sour Bats!!!

   Happy Red Ribbon Week! 

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