Spider Art and Spider Acrostic Poems

We had a SPIDER DAY! We read about spiders, wrote spider poems, made spider art and sang spider songs! 

Here is one of our cute SPIDER ART PROJECTS. 

Here is a cute video to play while making spiders.

Some cute Spider stationery I found at Activity Village will be fun for the kids to do spider poetry with.
A spider acrostic is fun to do. HERE at Joglab is a link to help with brainstorming words that begin with each letter of SPIDER. The kids come up some some good ones too.

 I start by writing their ideas on the whiteboard using the letters of SPIDER. They were really good this year at coming up with great brainstorming words!

 Then for our SPIDER ACROSTICS we chose the best word we liked and wrote out a sentence.

Here are our cute SPIDERS ART PROJECT. We called them “SPIDERS ON A STICK!”

 Then I edited all 22 kids’ spider acrostic poems and then the students rewrote them on this cute spider paper.

They turned out really great! I loved their Spider Poems! 
And they really loved their spiders on a stick! 

1. Cut out 2 circles that are 4 – 5 inches.
2. Cut out one circle that is a half inch less and fold it in half and glue it.
3. Cut 1/2 inch strips that are about 8 inches long (8 for each student).
4. Copy the wiggly eyes and get some dot stickers from Walmart and some wooden skewers from the Dollar Store.
5. Fold the legs 2 at a time accordian style and glue the ends down to one of the circles 4 on each side as the picture shows.
6. Glue down the head piece (smaller circle) that has been folded in half. It is sandwiched in between 2 larger circles and glue it close to the edge of the circle.  Then glue wiggly eyes to the top of it.
7. Glue the wooden skewer down at the bottom of the spider in the middle and then glue the last circle on top of the skewer and the legs.
8. Add colored dots to the spider. Optional….add fangs with some leftover black paper and glue to underside of the head.

 We read lots of science books on Spiders and  several Weekly Readers to give us information on Spiders. And we had a big spider discussion to be sure everybody knew what they eat, where they live, how many legs and eyes they have and when they breed and how they make an egg sac.

    Product Details    Product DetailsSpiders
These are some of my favorite books I’ve purchased over the last few years. I get a lot of books from Scholastic and I especially look for science books in my book orders. Lots of times you can get some cool sets of books on a topic. Those are the ones I go for most.

Kids in my class really seem to love science and non-fiction books. 
Here are a few of them showing off their Spider Art Project. 

I am very proud of their Spider Acrostic Poetry. 

I copied off this cute compound word matching game and had the kids color it when they got done. Then we cut them all out and laminated them for a center game.  

 Another fun and free math game called SPIDER WEB SPILL can be found HERE at Teachers Pay Teachers.

 A Spider sight word game can be found at Teachers Pay Teachers.

Cute Spider on a Stick art project. It is one of my favorites.

A spider fact crossword puzzle can be found HERE at DLTK Kids.

A fun Spider writing activity from Amy Lemons is super cute and the eyeballs on her spiders are so clever! I had to have some! She has a free download on her cute blog!
Spider Craft and Poem

Afterwards, we sang some spider songs and we did a spider crossword. It was a fun day!

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