Football Season Art and Writing

Well, we have the good old BYU Cougars versus the University of UTAH Utes rivalry happening this weekend.

Are YOU going to ROOT for my team? 
This little girl does….Go BYU! GO, FIGHT, WIN! 

 Over the loudspeaker this morning at school our principal played the BYU fight song instead of the school song. It was so funny because it took me a few minutes to realize what song was happening. I thought at first it must be a mistake…..

I usually try to do something fun in the classroom, to take a vote on who the kids think will win the game this weekend. It’s a BIG DEAL around these parts.  I think, secretly that Utes will take it, but I still will root for BYU. I was a student there many years ago and 2 of my kids went there too. So we bleed blue at my house.

So in honor of the rivalry game today, I made my husband some football pancakes for breakfast to go along with his sausage and eggs.  Cute right? Player Printout.

So today one of the teachers has a UTES Football Knome, and she had one of her 6th graders run it down to the principal’s office during the “fight song” to counter his BYU enthusiasm. He thought that was kinda funny too.

  Here are some of the football player art we did this year.

 The paper legs were just out of newsprint. The kids pictures are inside the helmets. And of course, they did their favorite team’s jerseys and cheer outfits.

What is YOUR favorite football team? Cougars? Utes? 

 Lots of BYU BLUE represented for sure!  Rise and Shout the Cougars are OUT!

The girls had a “pom pom” added to their outfits…..
The boys had a football added to their outfits…… I know, I’m not very PC am I? 
Ya just gotta love those “cleats” now dontcha? 

 A free printable of the FOOTBALL subway art is below. It’s cute at the house for a football party, and it is cute on a bulletin board too!

I hope the Utes don’t blow us away! I’m keeping my fingers crossed. 

f_foot.gif (11231 bytes)
Cute Football Player color and cut-out activity great for little kiddos….

One more thing I found that I thought would be a fun thing to do for my grandkids to keep them busy during the games coming up. They love to color and cut out things like paper dolls. So how about a paper football player? Maybe in team colors! Making has the download.

Football Subway Art 

HERE is a Football Printable  We’ll have fun doing some football writing this year too. More pics to come soon! Football helmet printables football helmet printables HERE. I hope you are enjoying football season as much as we are! Go Fight WIN!

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