My Classroom Library Reorganized

My library was kind of a mess this year, my 18th year. I’ve tried lots of ideas but mostly I had used those white magazine boxes for housing my book sets. Then I put “apple” stickers on them. It was a real mess.

My pink section…lots of picture books and topic sets and author studies in my classroom library.

 So one day, I decided to spruce up the library. I wanted it to look cute. I wanted pink, green and blue book bins. And I found them at Hobby Lobby. I want kids to be able to put books back but I’ve never been super successful.  I’ve tried the colored dots on the books. I’ve tried author’s bins.  Now I’m going to numbers on books and on bins. That will be much easier.

The rug, my teacher chair, the easel and my green sets of book bins from Hobby Lobby! .Lots of order and variety in my classroom library now! 

Hobby Lobby had all these sweet bins that were sturdy and only $2.99. Now I’m cheap so dollar store prices are better, but their book bins are as sturdy as I wanted. But I did buy a dozen in these same colors. I’ll add another shelf of books. I still have like 3 boxes full left. (I know…books are my teacher weakness)

I have 2 sections of blue…lots of fun books in this section….and some cute camp chairs for reading in the classroom library. 

The Dollar Store bins were rectangular with no holes. They came in the same 3 colors; hot pink, light berry blue and lime green. So CUTE. Then I needed to find some cute labels for my new library. I have lots of series in my classroom. In my opinion, that’s what gets kids hooked on reading.

All kinds of fun pointers in the classroom library for reading the room or reading my big books. 

I remember getting TOTALLY HOOKED on Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books as a kid. I read the whole series of both and then I was a library rat. So I placed my books into series boxes. That’s been a good plan.

Takehome Backpacks in the classroom library on tons of subjects….fun activities included like computer games, paint sets, clay, word searches, dot to dots, puzzles and puppets.  I have 22 Take Home Backpacks that I’ve made up. I’ll blog about them very soon. 

So I found some cute series labels for classroom libraries for FREE!  Check them out at Swimming into Second HERE. I’m busy making my labels and organizing my books, so I’ll show the AFTER pictures next week when I’m in my classroom. I’m just going to enjoy my last week of summer…. (sigh) It’s been a wonderful one. 😀

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