Hobby Lobby has Christmas Ornaments

I just got back from Hobby Lobby and guess what I saw there? Rows and Rows of Christmas Ornaments! And they must have been there for at least a few days (end of July) because they had like 3 rows of stuff already set up. What is up with that? Christmas in July?

Hobby Lobby racks and racks of Christmas Ornaments in July! 

I love having all the fall stuff up because I am getting kind of excited for Back to School. I have done a lot of work in my classroom this summer redoing some of my bulletin boards, rearranging the set up and redoing my classroom library.

And at HOBBY LOBBY I even loved seeing some of the Fall and Thanksgiving colors and fall leaves everywhere and pumpkins and ribbons and statuary and things.

Isn’t this cute? This would be a darling  BACK TO SCHOOL welcome wreath for your classroom.

 September Ninth blog  has a tutorial AND a You Tube on how to do it with 2 packs of 24 crayons. It’s all done with a glue gun and some scrapbook doo dads. 

I went into Hobby Lobby for Back to School supplies. But Christmas stuff already? That is just a little bit C R A Z Y!  What do you think?

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