Redoing the Classroom Bulletin Board

I repainted a bulletin board that used to be bright red. I LOVE how it turned out. It will be pretty in the classroom too! Don’t you think? Or I could put it in my craft room. I wish I had 2 of them!! 

And I covered it with fabric and ribbons and glittery butterfly pins….
Taping up the bulletin board with paper, trash bags, anything will do to cover  up the cork portion. …not too bad for prep! 

It use to be a dull gray when my husband used it. Then he brought it home for me and I tried a fire engine red for my grandkids’ play room….But I ran out of walls when I made a giant chalk board for them to play with.
 Now I want it for my classroom, since my new book box colors are blue, lime green and hot pink. I got all new classroom library bins from Hobby Lobby last spring! So this will match! 
Here is my painted bulletin board after I sprayed 2 coats of the  Rustoleum spraypaint on  it….You can see how I taped the edges with a trash bag and masking tape….
KILZ primer and Valspar are the best primers…they go on smooth and don’t take too many coats. I think I only used one coat of primer for this project. 
Valspar and Rustoleum are good spray paints too….I liked this light blue color. It will match my little book boxes in my classroom library. 
All done spray painting.  I did it on the front lawn in the shade. So next time the hubs mows, all evidence will be GONE! 
Here were my 2 fabrics and my ribbon I wanted to use for the top of the cork section of the bulletin board redo.
I sewed the glittery, striped fabric onto 2 sides of the butterfly fabric….and cut it to fit the bulletin board cork outline….
Then I just glue gunned it all around the edges of the cork after letting the paint dry overnight. Lookin good!  (too bad I couldn’t just wrap the fabric around the backing. I couldn’t get it to come off it was GLUED DOWN for keeps!) 
Then I added a butterfly to each corner….then I just had to go buy some cute push pins from Hobby Lobby! 
Check out my 6 tips for using spray paint at Patties Place, my other blog. 
I bought some glittery, giant push pins at Hobby Lobby for my painted bulletin board redo.  I pushed one into the center of each of the cute flowers. It turned out so sweet.  
I really like how it turned out.  I think it will brighten up a cute corner of my classroom, won’t it?  
And it’s a great improvement.  A LOT better looking  than the plain red one. I love spray paint! 

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