Summer Vacation Writing

Are you ready for summer vacation? Yeah, we are too!

We wrote what we are going to be doing all summer long! It was a lot of fun!

And we made a cute art project using Oriental Trading’s Beach Sticker Scenes.  I had 2 kids share a sheet of stickers of anything “beachy”.

We read a few stories about summer and summer vacations to get some ideas…..

Then I cut a little strip of newsprint for each kid and they glued it down onto blue paper.  Then they colored the bottom blue paper like blue water. 
Each of these pieces of newsprint ended up on a child’s page for the “sand” part.  I just scalloped the top and bottom of the paper; one to look like sand hill, the other side to look like water. 
I ordered the stickers for the beach scene from Oriental Trading. The link for the stickers is HERE.

The kids added clouds, birds and went over the scallops at the bottom of the cream colored newsprint with a blue crayon. It made it look more like waves in the sea.

Then they colored the tops of their beach writing paper.  They did sloppy copies of their summer
vacations first. Then I edited each one. And then they rewrote them on the cute paper and colored it up.

Each of the beach scenes looks totally different. Altogether they made a real beachy look!

I wanted to go jump in the water after these were all done. HERE is a cute song kids can sing about Summer Vaction from Music K8.

Another fun song called Down at the Beach from Music K8 is HERE.

It was a fun summer activity. We all are now off to different summer destinations enjoying time off from school.  Hope everybody has a great time!

The kids wrote about Family Reunions and relatives coming…..

I had to throw this summer vacation pic of my little granddaughters on their first tent camping trip. Aren’t they so cute? 

Makes you want to go see the tide pools doesn’t it? mmmhmmmm…..
Summer vacation art and writing….

Hope you all enjoy some summer fun down at the beach! 

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