Easter Cards and Baskets

We made little itty bitty baskets for our colored eggs from a lunchtime milk carton at school.
We colored eggs and put our names on them to fill our cute baskets…
AND….. we made cute Easter cards with Easter baskets filled with eggs and things inside….

We wrote letters to mom and dad to go inside our cards too…

We had just about every color of the rainbow…..well….except purple….

The cards turned out so pretty! 

Every card was unique 

Lots of love went into them…..

Lots of fake candy too….snicker….

Then we made tiny baskets out of pint milk cartons from lunchtime….

We cut off the tops, stapled on handles and filled them with  Easter grass….

Then we decorated the outside of  them and added a little fuzzy chick…..

Here’s a finished one….super cute…..perfect for our colored eggs…

It was fun for the kids to color the hard boiled eggs Mrs. Moss brought in….

Here we are with our finished baskets after school…..Happy Easter! 

Hope you all have a great Spring Break! 

It will be fun to do some Easter Egg hunts…..

Hope you all have fun! 

Happy Easter! 

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