St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Traps

We are playing this fun game in P.E. this week. It’s like 4 corners only there are 6 charms! Similar
icons are put around the room in 6 areas.  Kids choose and area, I roll the dice, and the kids in the one landing on top
are OUT!  We keep rolling till we have one winner who gets a little gummy bear treat. 

 We are also working on making Leprechauns, and pots of gold, and writing about a Person We Treasure.

They go nicely with our beautiful rainbow pots of gold.  They are made from 1 x 12 inch strips of red, orange, yellow, green blue and purple paper then glued to a black pot. We added a clip art picture of gold pieces to the top.

Then we wrote Leprechaun similes…they are a type of metaphor.  A Leprechaun is as _____ as a _____. If I caught one I would_____ and my 3 wishes would be_______.  They turned out cute.  I’ll post some of them soon.

Here’s the letter I sent home for the Leprechaun Trap inventions assignment….

For St. Patrick’s Day we made some Leprechaun Trap!!. I hope some of these can catch a leprechaun for one of the kids!

This was a cool obstacle course the little guy would travel through before getting trapped in the box. 

I loved this one so much. A lot of time went into painting pictures for the walls
of this “All You Can Eat Buffet!” 

Wouldn’t you love to go to a Leprechaun buffet? Yeah….me too!  There
were flashing green lights inside as well as lovely tables and chairs to sit and dine! 

HERE at One Charming Party is a cute candy bag topper for St. Patrick’s Day. It’s cute so go check it out.

Cute and glittery tube trap….walk up the ladder, slide down into the tube….gotcha! 

Do you think he’ll trap one in the big, green, bag? I hope so! 

This one looked similar to a mailbox. Super cute! Loved the scary signs too. 

Here was another one that lit up with lights….so glittery and cool, but  you KNOW those
leprechauns aren’t going to obey the signs posted, are they? 

HERE at Family Fun  is a cute St. Patrick’s Day Treasure Hunt printable. It has a rhyme for the first clue to go look under your bed. I think I might try this for my grandkids to do next time they come over. It sounds really fun.

This one had some real Lucky Charms cereal added to the black pot….lots of enticing stickers too….very cute! 

Loved the artistic rainbow and the Lucky Charms guy too! 

In this Labyrinth of tape one might get caught…..mmmhmmm……

Or this Disneyland playland for Leprechauns! Look at all the holes he might fall through! 

Loved the name on the fun house…..Rainbow Palace….so cute! 

We decided to have lots of signs that said the opposite of what we wanted….because we all
know that sneaky leprechauns don’t follow signs or rules, do they? 

Loved the wooden ladder and how that tiny guy will just slide right down into a TRAP!
Good Work!  
Just because it is tiny, doesn’t mean it can’t trap a Leprechaun! 

We loved the shamrocks made of pipe cleaners on this one, and the creative ladder. This one
also had some Lucky Charms Cereal to entice a little green man to come fall inside! 

Climb on up, slide right down.  Don’t pay attention to the Do Not Enter sign! 

This was a real mousetrap! Climb up, crawl through the tunnel, then , OOPS! Trapped in the tube! 

You can’t even see it but there is a secret hole under all that green grass on top, good job! 

Pretty rainbow slide and lots of cute stickers too, not to mention the advertising of GOLD! 
This was a pretty silvery trap with a black pot of gold on top! 

Do you think the pot or the green carnation will trip him up?  I wonder…..

This cute girl did a Leprechaun dollhouse, complete with bed, table and chairs. She’s gonna
keep him for awhile to decide on 3 perfect wishes……
We had a great time inventing traps for Leprechauns for St. Patrick’s Day! Wish us luck, or for a bunch of lucky 3 wishes….or……well….. something like that.  Anyways, have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 

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