Measurement Centers

 We had some fun measurement centers this week as well as making a Measurement Man….pictured here

  A game I purchased that is called How Tall Am I is a fun measurement activity. HERE WAS CENTER 1- LENGTH MEASUREMENT USING INCHES.

It’s a fun inch measuring game called “How Tall Am I?”  Lots of fun mis-matching layers of fun people to get a total “height” in inches….
How Tall Am I Game
They used inch and centimeter rulers to measure the totem poles of  wacky people they made….It’s a fun measurement game my kids love to play on rainy days. 


These girls are measuring weight using our class scale. They chose a classroom item to weigh in “bears” or “cubes” This is another type of non-standard measurement they worked on.  Each had to write up their measurement on their Envision Math estimation data worksheet. 
I also have some “gram” measurement weights that kids could use the next time we do measurement centers.


I had cylinders to show volume and the kids added “cups” to the cylinder to get used to the terms volume and cups. And that  2 cups make a pint. 
I borrowed a gallon, quart, pint and cup measuring set from my coworker down the hall who purchased one a few years back.  Here the kids are doing some estimation pages on cups and pints. 
A set similar to this was set out at a center all week too. Nobody paid much attention to it, but I was NOT going to add water or anything crazy like that. I’m sure it would have made it more popular though….hehe…


I think you can find these worms and the cards below at any teacher supply store. 
Here are the game cards that go with the measurement worms. As you can see I have 3 kinds of worms to measure. Some are linking inch cubes, some are linking “inchworms” and some are different lengths of rubber worms. The cards were kinda easy for my class….but they still liked measuring the worms…..
 I combine worms to use rulers to measure in inches and centimeters.. I also bought a class set of measuring worm cards for kids to follow the directions and measure items on the cards.   


The last center was to work as partners with my class set of measuring tapes. The assignment was to measure 5 big things in the classroom using feet, inches and yards and write the totals down to compare with the whole class later.

Then for art this week we made a Capacity Man we called “Gallon Guy” or “Gallon Girl” and we used heads that were uniquely decorated like ROBOTS. THIS WAS TO LEARN CAPACITY/VOLUME OR LIQUID MEASUREMENT.

Capacity Man, or Gallon Guy….lots of fun! 

Gallon Guy is Great for teaching volume in cups, pints, quarts and gallons or if you want a great enrichment activity! 

The kids learned how to tell me how many cups, pints, and quarts were in a gallon.  Here was a sample I used.  Her FREE LINK is HERE. It is by Amber Polk. It is really cute. HERE  is a link to  pictures  of our Gallon Guys. They turned out pretty cool.

But not quite as “COOL” as these guys….all dressed up for 80s Days yesterday! 
Do the 80s remind you of the 50s? You should have seen the Fonzi type hair and
rolled up pants….too cute! 

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  1. I love that How Tall Am I Game! I think I might try to make something like that. The mixed up characters are soooo cute!


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