Having Fun with our 6th Grade Buddies


Here are some samples I found on the web to give us inspiration for a half hour of creative art with our 6th grade buddies last week.

 I think I had about 15 of the  6th graders and about 10 of the 2nd graders in my class for this buddy activity the day before Valentines.  Each of our classes wrote letters to our buddies for Valentines Day and sent them some candy of some sort.  We gave suckers and licorice.  They gave us chocolate mini candy bars…Mmmm!

Some kids in my class have 2 buddies….because the 6th grade classes are larger than 2nd grade classes….
But everybody really likes who they got for a buddy…no matter if it is one kid or two kids….

Then We made creations just using scraps of construction paper from our recycling bin and heart cut outs from red, pink, purple and white. Look at what fun it was for just 30 minutes the day before Valentines!

We’ve played kickball with our buddies…we’ve done multiplication games with our buddies….So we thought,

as teachers…maybe we could do a joint art project with our buddies?

Valentine Creations abounded…..
They also invited us to their production of MacBeth, the Shakesperian play….it was fantastic!  
Here are some close ups of all the “animals” we created…..
And some close ups of the kids who created them….with some buddy help…..
I am not the greatest photog that ever lived as you can see…
I think they were all proud of their creations….

We’ll have to do this again next year! 

Valentines Creative Art Projects….

Hope everybody had a Happy Valentines Day!

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