Holiday Traditions Reports and Cookie Decorating

Very excited before we get up to sing for the school….We sang a duet
2 classes singing Dashing Through the Snow and our class and Stockett’s singing
“Snowflakes Falling All Over Town….it turned out really good.  We had a few bell ringers too. 

The kids getting a little tired at the end of watching grades K -6 sing for us….

Hey Santa! How did you like our singing? Mr. Schofield, our principal is introducing him….

Bags of classroom candy canes from Santa being rolled in by a helper!  

Then we shared our oral/written reports on Family Holiday Traditions….Gavin shared a sucker with each of us! 

They all used the microphone and shared a visual aid too….

Everybody really liked Nova’s Santa Key…they wanted one too!  

Here we are decorating our Gingerbread men cookies on Wednesday….

We got lots of candy donated from parents…thanks mom and dad! 
Thanks Addie’s mom and grandma for providing all the icings….

Ty’s mom and little brothers came too…..

And Zach’s mom came and provided all our sugar cookies and gingerbread men! Thanks so much! 

The kids are proud of their creations….

We had 5 of these bowls filled up with a variety of candy! Do you think  the students were high as kites
by the end of the day? Oh yes. Note to self….decorate cookies with candy at day’s end in future…mmmhmmmm….

Then we shared our reports on holiday traditions…We wrote reports and had to have visual aids…
Zach’s family drives around in a convoy of cars with walkie talkies looking for the best decorated
house in the neighborhood to give a reward to…what fun that must be! 

Morgan shared yummy cake balls with the class that her family makes every year…
red velvet with cream cheese! Oh yum they were good! Thanks Morgan’s mom for making them! We loved them! 

Saige brought in 24 candy bars and taught us the candy bar game her family plays.
You roll dice and if you get 7, 11 or doubles you get a candy bar. Then when they are
all taken you can steal from others in your family. We played it and all were laughing!
And all got a candy bar…Very fun. 

Matt and others shared how their family goes skiing or do winter sports. His family goes
snow shoeing. He had to teach the kids what snow shoeing was. Very neat. 

Peter shared some Korean food traditions his family has. One was these
rice cakes shaped like Twinkies. He shared one with everybody so we could taste them.
They were gobbled up! 

Many shared ornaments and how they decorate for Christmas.
Addie’s family always make handmade ornaments. Here is one she
shared with us. 

Just one of the many written or typed up oral reports…Great job everybody! 

Peter’s rice cakes It was fun to see a Korean tradition….

Gavin’s ornaments…they only use silver ones at his house…These traditions
stay with your kids as they leave your house and are more important than
you think as you are raising them.   I know….mine all have adopted some of mine and added their own….

One of my favorites was Ty’s family tradition where they all have individual  hot cocoa
mugs they only take out of boxes at the holidays. It must be very fun to get them out
each year and have a treat together as a family.
We loved hearing how you all celebrate in different and diverse ways.  I may
have to copy a few of these…they all were wonderful!

Happy Holidays Everyone! I’ll do one more post next week on our parent cards we wrote…. 

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