Christmas Sled Ornaments and Parent Cards

Kids Christmas Cards 2011

One more project I want to share that we did in December were Parent cards and letters (and a cute parent gift too).  We started out by writing letters to parents telling how “good we have been” and also asking for a few things, and not forgetting to thank mom and dad for all they do too! 
Christmas Letters to Parents

 I didn’t take very many pictures because this project was sooooooo messsssssyyyyyy. I was just doing good to not end the day with Karo syrup all over everything and everybody.   So I snapped the first few that were finished with their letters.  I edited them and they chose some cute paper to write on, I had about 8 styles to choose from that I have been collecting for years.

Then the painting commenced!  Here are a few of the first few that were done… pretty! 
Then we let them dry over the weekend.  Some weren’t dry yet even after 4 days…..note to self….be sure the painting is done kind of thinly next year!  
So messy but so pretty too! 

Then we left them out to dry from Thursday to Monday…
Bright NEON food coloring works best….I’ve tried regular colors and they turn out too dark! 

These colorful paintings are made with Karo syrup and food coloring.  I just put a cup of Karo syrup in a paper cup and dropped in the food coloring (I chose NEON colors, they are a lot brighter for art projects). Then the kids painted them on some thin, shiny, poster type paper we had in our closet. 

Karo syrup and food coloring make for some colorful paint!

 Then we topped each dried painting with a “stained glass window” looking black outline. They were hard to cut out!  I did half of them and my wonderful parent helper Mrs. Kenner took the rest home and did them for me with Xacto Knife. It is tedious work!  Thanks so much! 

All the Stained glass windows look so different….

But they all were very beautiful…..
We backed them with yellow paper and a tag that said Merry Christmas 2011

 Here we are BEFORE the tops are put on…..Already they are so proud of their creations….

 Then we made our Popsicle stick sleds…painted them red…..added our pictures to them…. and our name and the year we made them….then we glue gunned a hanger on them…..I didn’t take any pictures of how cute they were….but trust me…they were super cute.

Popsicle Stick Sleds…. Sorry I didn’t snap a picture of a finished one…..

Then we wrapped up our gifts to our parents in tissue paper and yarn ribbons….and stapled our letter inside of our pretty cards.   Then we all couldn’t wait to show mom and dad.  

Painted Christmas Cards for Parents

They were beautiful works of art!   We hope everybody loved them!  I know the kids were proud of them. 

Our parent Cards…..
I hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas!  Best wishes for a happy New Year too! 

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