Halloween Jokes and Mad Libs

Halloween Mad Libs are a great way to teach Nouns and Verbs in a fun way. 

I bought a Halloween Mad Libs book to help my students learn verbs, nouns, and adjectives and the differences between them.  I copied the story frames back to back with the lists of ideas for each of the categories of nouns and verbs. The kids then did a sloppy copy, I edited them for punctuation and spelling, and they rewrote them.

My Halloween costume this year….

Then they can choose a cute Halloween Stationery and print their funny story on it for everybody to share.  Here is a site that has lots of cute stationery HERE.

Halloween bat frame
Halloween Stationery  it is great for story writing….

I found a fun website for some Halloween Jokes and Sodoku activities to use at our Halloween Party next week. The link for jokes is HERE.

My “BUGS” and I…ladybug costumes…

Halloween Bingo is a great party game for kids! 

Halloween lunch box notes
Halloween Jokes

 The link for Sodoku is HERE  and HERE.  We always make and decorate bags to fill with “loot” as they go around to the 5 centers and play the games and fill their bags with trick or treat candy.One is a Candy Corn, One is a skeleton face, one is a Frankie, One is a Witch. They always turn out cute attached to a white bag with black and orange yarn or ribbons.

Colored Halloween Bingo Printable Game Cards
Halloween Bingo Game

A fun kids BINGO song with free downloadable text and pictures I found from Deanna Jump. The link for her free song is HERE.  Another one I found is HERE at Family Crafts.  Have a fun Halloween Party! I know we will! 

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