Field Trip!

We had so much fun on our field trip….and learned A LOT! 

Learning from a geologist….

Learning how to pan for gold….

This was as much fun to watch as it was to do! 

We got to take home a bag of rocks with a match quiz

panning for gold was fun! 

Learning from the paleontologists….

Saige in a dinosaur footprint! 
Being taught by a real geologist….

More rocks ….

They looked through microscopes, had black lights tests on rocks…acid tests on rocks too…

They had to guess what type of rocks these were….

Looking at hardness levels of rocks…diamond is last of course. 

She was showing an acid tests on rocks…

Close up of the panning for gold tanks….I think this was the kids’ favorite! 

Lots of dinosaur bones…real ones and plaster castes that were painted…

She was showing the kids all types of fossils….

This was the EROSION lesson…super cool! 

They loved watching this bridge capsize when the hose rained down too hard! 

Andrew got quite a catch of rocks panning for jewels and gold! 
Close up of the minerals they got to keep and take home from panning for gold.

He tested us on the 3 types of rocks….it was hard! 

Lots of fossils everywhere…..He Mrs. Moss has one like this in our classroom! 

So many cool exhibits and things to touch, horns, teeth, jawbones…

Each area was hands on and had things to discover and read….

Then we had lunch at a fun park here in Sandy.  What a great day. The best part was they gave each student a bag of 12 rocks and a page describing each rock to try and match up definitions and colors. How did you do on your little match quiz?   All the teachers were given a Rock Poster too! So cool of them!  We had a great day at the Utah Geological Survey. Thanks for doing Earth Week once a year.

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