Whooooo is in our Classroom?

We just finished our 2nd week of school and we also finished a very cool bulletin board and writing and art project on OWLS! 

I gave the students lots of materials and gave them a “feather” shape to trace…and  several “masks” for owl faces to choose from (Barn owls have heart shaped faces, burrowing owls look more like a mask….

Here is a great introductory video on owls. I like that it has text for the kids to read, great music, and shows the owl in a natural habitat, eating, and flying around. It is a little more than a minute.

Then they added feathers and wiggly eyes…..

This is one of my favorite authors for Science. Gail Gibbons’ books are great for kids…..

This video talks about the great snowy owl who can reside in the Artic cold. It has some great footage and only about 3 minutes. There is great narration that kids will enjoy too.

I got the idea from a cool website called THAT ARTIST WOMAN
She had done a similar owl that we looked at online before starting. Her website is HERE.
She is an art teacher for elementary kids. She is a master….
I collected a bunch of twigs from my front lawn during the last windstorm…
I had some scrapbook papers in plaid, some tan material and we added dots to some of the papers….
Owl Babies video link. This video shows burrowing owls in a tree with 3 babies and a mother. It has no narration, just sounds of nature. It shows the mother hunting at night and eating worms and insects. It is about 3 minutes. 
Ours turned out pretty good too! 

I freehanded an owl on newsprint for a basic pattern for each student. They did all the rest. Some added “talons” for feet. Others drew them with markers. Most added the twigs and a beak.

My kids were creative with their reports on Owls too….

I loved reading them…..

Don’t you love their captions?

This owl was very fuzzy! 

All of them looked so different! 

Some added moons……

Very colorful Owls…..

After reading several books and a weekly reader we wrote facts on a giant owl….

And then students wrote their own 2 page reports on owls.  Did you know there are more than 200 varieties? How about that some live inside cactus? (yeah….I didn’t either!) But I DO think our owls were a HOOT! 

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