Skiing for Teamwork

On Thursday we did a teamwork exercise for P.E. We used the school “skis” and had teams of 2 try to work together to get from one side of the gym to another.

As you can imagine is was hysterical to watch.  Some kids got pretty good at it by hollering “left, right, left right”.

 Some others had fun trying it alone….. even if their partners gave up. 
It made us all laugh because if is pretty challenging…..

It was tough at first! 

Brynlin and Andrew got pretty good at it! 

So did Saige and Nova…..

Peter and Flint were going pretty fast! 

We switched partners about 10 times.  It was a fun time.  And it made us all laugh! It’s hard to be a great team….but practice makes anything easier!

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