Now I was the unfortunate soul to hear a “TIP” at school today. It was about crayons  and glue for 25cents at Shopko.   I was also the unfortunate teachers to head up there to find that there is a limit of 4. So I unwittingly got in the slow line  and the frazzled checker rang up each of those 4 glues and 4 crayon sets S-E-P-A-R-A-T-E-L-Y!  And she was an ASSISTANT MANAGER! So I have some questions for Shopko; Dear Shopko,

Not my Favorite Store….

Why Shopko wouldn’t you let her ring up at least my crayons and glue at the same time?  So I would only have had 5 transactions? Hmmmm Shopko?  And another thing, do you really think the people behind me  liked being in my line….mmmhmmm…you can just imagine their joy waiting while I had 10 transactions at …..wait for it…..$1.00 freaking dollar each! Yes, I can tell that you must LOVE teachers Shopko!

Were you worth it Elmer? I Think NOT! 

And then after the 15 minutes of transactions, watching my checker count the crayons no less than 6 times to be sure she wasn’t undercharging me (by 25 cents!) that was not enough. NO! My poor husband who was standing there patiently chalking it up to one more unfortunate thing the husband of a teacher has to put up with….he points out the insult to injury.

Were YOU worth it Crayola?  I’m still deciding…..

The newer checker, (also slower) had some kind of problem  and didn’t know what to do so was WAITING FOR MY SLOW POKE CHECKER TO HELP HER OUT! And everyone in her line was also WAITING for
me to check out so they could check out! Yeah, Shopko, it was a REAL FUN TIME AT YOUR STORE!

Yeah….lots of fun at Shopko! 

So basically I just brought the entire checkstanding store to a standstill. Yeah. I did that. Because of your stupid rule Shopko to only let poor teachers buy 4 crayons at a time, KNOWING we, being the cheap skates we are, will wait in that line over and over to get the deal. Yeah. We really appreciate it Shopko.

And another thing Shopko.  YOU SUCK!

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