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I got moved this year from 1st to 2nd grade since I teach gifted kids and not enough had passed the testing in 1st grade. So my principal asked me to move to 2nd and the 2nd grade teacher moved to 4th. The 4th moved to 6th. Don’t ask. Yeah, one of those things that make teaching even better……
Fun Fall Scarecrow idea
I will have my same class this next year again. So I can’t do anything I’ve ever done before.  AND I DO A LOT OF COOL PROJECTS ALL YEAR! So I’ll be creating from scratch this year. I’ll need all the inspiration I can get!

Anyhoo……I found lots of cool blogs out in the blogosphere from 2nd grade teachers who are doing their thang SO DANG WELL!  I LOVE YOU ALL! You never cease to inspire and amaze me! Keep up the good work people!

Gotta love a fresh raspberry shake! mmmmm…..
We had a fun family get together at the lake riding quads, jet skiing, boating and BBQ ing

Well I’m making use of my last few days of freedom before school starts again. Check out Raspberry Days at Bear Lake, Utah. We had a fantastic time.

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