Flat Stanley has Come Home!

Cutest Book Flat Stanley!

We’ve had Flat Stanley up in our classroom this past month. I forgot to put some pictures up about all the places he was able to go!

Flat Stanley in Hawaii….Aloha!

Can’t forget Las Vegas…go Stanley! Don’t miss the Bellagio!

President Bush likes Flat Stanley!
Flat Stanley can’t forget to go to California of course!

And Flat Stanley is here the Zoo in Philly! 

Flat Stanley and President Obama
Back to Hawaii Flat Stanley goes…..

And back to Las Vegas!

Even Clint Eastwood likes Flat Stanley!

Howdy Partner….Ride em cowboy Flat Stanley!!

We loved having Flat Stanley come back from such a variety of fun places. Thanks for all our relatives who participating in our exchange!  We really appreciate it!

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