Chore Charts for Kids


Sutton Grace: chore chart: I found  a link to this chore chart for kids. I liked the idea of chore charts for my own kids. They had charts for everything from how to clean a toilet to folding laudry and setting the table.  And summer is a GREAT time to get kids into a routine to help get the house cleaned through and through.  And hey…you’ve got a little bit of built in slave labor! 😀  The Free Printables website has a lot more HERE.


My daughter had a house cleaning business when she was at BYU. People would ask her how she learned to clean so well. She told everybody (and I’m just relaying the story) that her mom taught her with little charts taped to the insides of cabinets in the bathroom. (How to clean the bathroom. Step 1…) So there your are. My success at chore charts is right there for all to see and admire 😀 I think chore charts make working a lot more fun for kids….and they teach responsibility and pride in a job well done too! It’s a win-win situation with a chore chart! mmmmhmmm….


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