Mother’s Day Ideas


  1. Every year it seems like I reinvent the wheel and come up with another kind of mom’s day gift. I love having the kids write a card. I have them put their handprint on the front in some cute way. Then they write a really nice letter inside telling their mom things like; I think you cook ______ really good.  My favorite thing you do with me is ________. Things like that with specifics. I loved learning that one of my boys loved me to make Taco Salad. I never knew till I got his first grade card!

Then we make some sort of gift. Here are some I’ve done in the past. 

  1. Make a recipe book with recipes from the students and a real recipe from the moms on the back. Copy them into a class book. Put a picture on the front of each and decorate with scrapbook paper.
  2. Make a silouette with each child’s black silouette on the front and a letter/card on the back.
  3. Get some rinsed out baby food jars or small sauce jars from the kids. Use a solution of half water half glue. Paint on 2 inch squares of pastel tissue paper. You can also use modge podge. Fill each glass jar with a voltive candle. Wrap with tissue paper and ribbons when dry. 
  4.  Get Dollar Store whisks and fill with any type of wrapped candies. Wrap up with celophane and ribbons. Add a note “Whisking you a Happy Mother’s Day!”

  6. 2. Have kids bring in some short, fat cans like pinapple or fruit cans or could even be soup cans. Cover with pastel scrrapbook paper. Line the top with a coordinating ribbon. Cover inexpensive Bic pens with floral green tape and add a flower to the eraser area. Put the finished “flowers in your “pot” by adding rice or dried beans. Voila! A cute pot with flowers. 
  7. Pot some soil in a small ceramic or clay pot. Have students paint hearts and kisses and flowers on with acrylic paint. Tie a ribbon around the rim. Add alphalpha or grass seeds to the dirt. Let it grow for a week or so. When it is high send it home with a cute scrapbook paper note that says “I love you with every hair on my head!”.
  8. Make bath salts out of Epsom salts and scented oils. Wrap in celophane with cute ribbons. Attach a poem;  Roses are red, violets are blue, here’s some bath salts I made just for you! Stamp a KISS on the bottom of each card with red ink.  
  9. Hand Prints out of clay glazed and fired. I’ve actually never done this yet. It would be a lot of work.

It will have to be a surprise which one we are doing THIS year! hehehe…..

Free happy Mother's day  Themed printable stationary(stationery) and happy Mother's day  border paper for school teachers and students

Bath Salts Recipe-
3 cups Epsom salts
1 tablespoon glycerin
perfume (or lotion)
two drops of food coloring
 Combine glycerin and food coloring. Add perfume to make a fragrant mixture. Then add to Epsom salts. Stir thoroughly. When it’s dry wrap in celophane and pink ribbons.

Some of my favorite books about a mom’s love for her kids.

Here is how to make a box for your mother’s day presents.You can make another one that will fit over this one and make a little “box” to put a cute treasure inside. One year I got kits to make up beaded bracelets from Oriental Trading. It was surprising how well the kids did on beading. It was easy for them. Then we put them inside a cute box made from hot pink paper and put some heart stickers on the top.  You could use scrapbook paper or neon papers.

I’ll post the ones we decide to do this year.   Happy Mother’s Day!

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