April Showers Bring Spring Flowers

My spring book selections for the kids to read….they love the bird nest the best…

Today it started raining, hailing and thundering. And yesterday it was so nice, nearly 70 degrees! I was kinda bumbed out! I thought it was time for a little bit of Spring!  What the heck! Well I’m still hoping to see Spring. A link for a cute Spring Crossword Puzzle is     HERE at Kaboose.    They do have an easier version too.

I love tulips and daffodils, and in my neighbor’s yard there is a triange on the corner of his lawn, filled with bright yellow daffodils. Super striking!  And in a few days down  at Thanksgiving Point (April 15th) will be the Tulip Festival. They plant thousands of tulips all around the acres of gardens in brilliant Spring colors. So in honor of Spring we did some paper flowers.  Our bulletin board says, “April Showers Bring Spring Flowers”.


In my class we do paper flowers using 12 inch long strips that are thin, like 1/2 inch. Then I have the kids loop them into a teardrop loop shape and glue the ends together flat. Make 8 teardrop shaped loops.

 Then when all 8 are made and semi dried, we glue 2 together at the flat glue spot so they are in a figure 8 but flat in the middle. . Then glue 2 more together. Then criss cross glue those together. It should make a + plus sign shape. Do the process again with the remaining 4. Then glue those 4 in a diagonal shape across the + sign shape. It will look like an X going over a + sign. That is the bottom layer of the flower. Then do it again with 8 more strips. You can count 16 loops above. The more layers the puffier and more 3D the flower will look. Finish with a pom pom in the middle, a green stem and leaves. It will end up looking like these.                                                     

Sing the song “What a Wonderful World” when you are done. The Utube video with lyrics is What a Wonderful World HERE. 

April Showers Bring Spring Flowers….

A fun Spring Bingo game I found was at DLTK the link is HERE. You can make some up with words or pictures or a mixture of both.  My kids like the words. It’s a great reading center too. I choose the grid that has 4 x 4 so it is more challenging to get a Bingo.  I have Bingo games for most holidays done this way. I back them with pastel cardstock and have them laminated so they will last.


We did some rain poetry using our 5 senses for writing workshop. We brainstormed things you see, smell, taste, hear etc. when it rains. Here are some of our finished rain poems.

Now if we can just move past all these April Showers I’ll be happy. I want to plant my flower garden!!! I think I’ve got Spring Fever!  Mmmmmhmmm.

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