April Fool’s Day Activities

“The first of April is the day we remember
what we are the other 364 days of the year.”
~By Mark Twain~    Don’t ya love it?

A teacher friend of mine always dressed up in a long black wig and old lady clothes and changed her voice when kids came in on April Fools Day.  She had a wart and fake teeth and she told them all that she was the new teacher Miss Viola Swamp, a cousin of their teacher, hence the resemblance. She’d stomp around demanding they work hard today and that she was very strict. By the time the kids were a little tense, she’d bring out this book. Then she’d read them the story Miss Nelson is Missing.  It is the story of a teacher who dresses up and is kind of scary until the kids figure out it is really their teacher in costume.

This year for April Fools Day I thought we could make a fun Joke Book.

I have collected many joke books over the years so I typed up a list of jokes they could use.  We spent about 15 minutes copying some jokes they chose onto this cute stationery with a little laughing man on top. Then I copied everybody else’s sheet of jokes and made enough for the whole class.

 We are making them into a whole class joke book. The cover is a giant smile with teeth. It will be cute . On Monday we will have to share our joke books with each other!

Here is the cute paper we use to write our funny jokebooks. 

Some fun math activities can be found at this link HERE. Happy APRIL FOOLS DAY! 

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