Presidents Day

This week was Presidents Day holiday. Every year we study President Washington and President Lincoln. And we write a letter to the current president in writer’s workshop on…. “Dear Mr. President” And we are going to send them off to Washington to President Obama! Maybe he’ll send our class a note back! Wouldn’t that be exciting? Here’s his address…. 

    The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
    Washington, DC 20500

After Reading lots of neato books on the subjects of Presidents….

And reading poems and weekly readers….

And MORE books and Scholastic NEWSPAPERS….


A Picture Book of Abraham Lincoln by David Adler
A Picture Book of George Washington  by David Adler
Abe Lincoln’s Hat by Martha Brenner
Arthur Meets the President by Marc Brown
A. Lincoln and Me
Celebrating Presidents Day

We guessed how many pennies  there were in the jar….

For spelling we did a making words activity to see how many words we could come up with out the  letters in ”Presidents Day” And we did a secret code with our double digit addition math….the secret code word was LINCOLN!

We guessed how many pennies were in the jar for a prize….

Did you know he was on the $5.00 bill AND the penny? Cool! We knew it too…And Washington is on the quarter and the $1.00 bill.

HERE is a link to all the biographies of past presidents from the White House website. It’s interesting and informative for some background info.
We memorized and recited poems on Friday….
We wrote about Washington in our own words…on sloppy copies, then we made our Washington art projects, then final copies after Mrs. Moss had edited them for spelling boo boos.  

We are learning coin money so here are Mrs. Moss’s tips…. Nickels have a building with a bump on the back, pennies have a flat topped building. Dimes have oak leaves and olympic torch on back, Quarters have an eagle on back, Washington on Front. Pennies have Lincoln on Front.

  1. Nickels are worth 5 cents so they get 1 leg. (Draw a small line coming from your nickel)
  2. Dimes are worth 10 cents so they get 2 legs. (draw 2 small lines coming from your dime)
  3. Quarters are worth 25 cents so they get 5 legs. Each leg is like a nickel. (draw 5 lines)
  4. Pennies get no legs.  
  5. Then count by 5s and add feet to each leg as you count (just an oval shape) as you count by 5s. When you get to the pennies, count only by ones.  You can add a group of coins on a page this way. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!  Put on the legs 1st, put on the feet as you count by 5s, then add pennies by ones.
Here are our finished Mr. Washingtons with our finished writing projects! Aren’t they so presidential? We wrote some things we had learned about George Washington.  And how about those cute flags he’s holding?
Patriotic bulletin board for February…
Didn’t we do a good job?

We wrote first about President George Washington…since he was the FIRST!

Barack Obama

We had a contest to see who could print the neatest on our President Washington writing. The top 3 winners were…..Well we are ALL winners, so Mrs. Moss gave us all cool Presidents Day Bookmarks for doing such a good job.   AND these cool flags on a little stand to put on our desks.  School is so cool! 
Mrs. Gleave’s class next door made Mr. Lincolns. They are cute too! 

These books are fun and easy to read and colorful too!


This is a directed drawing we are doing Friday….I’ll add pictures of them soon…

We will write facts about Lincoln on Log Cabin paper.  He lived in a log cabin, don’t ya know? He would keep reading books inside his tall hat.  Yup, he liked to read just like all the first graders!

We’ll count the pennies on Friday… see who won a giant pixie stick!
How many do YOU think there are……?
 Hope you liked our Presidents Day Bulletin Boards and activities! We sure did!

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